Private Limited Company is a company having minimum Paid-up Share Capital as may be prescribed by its Articles. It restricts the right to transfer its shares. The minimum number of Directors required in private limited is 2 maximum number of members is 200.

Private limited companies prohibits any invitation to the public to subscribe for any securities of the Company.

List of documents required for Company Incorporation in India

  1. Pan of All Directors
  2. Address (Including City, State, Pin code, Country)
  3. Occupation
  4. Aadhar Card (Mandatory)
  5. Copy of Passport as a proof of identity and copy of Electricity bill/ Telephone bill / Bank Statement / Driving License as a proof of address.
  6. Class-2 Digital Signature.

Procedure For Registering Private Limited Company

  1. Obtain DSC for all the Subscribers of the Company
  2. Apply for DIN for all the Directors of the Company
  3. Application for Name
  • Atleast 3-4 name should be proposed
  • Name shouldn’t be Identical to any of the Existing companies or registered Trademarks. If the proposed name is based on a registered trademark or is subject matter of an application pending for registration under the Trade Marks Act, then approval shall be attached of such owner of the registered trademark or the applicant of such trade mark for which application for registration is pending.
  • Name Should not be prohibited under Emblems and Names Act,1950

After applying for name it must be approved by registrar, it takes 2-3 days for the review and to get approval.

  1. After the Approval of name Registration of Company Process Started

As Name get approved further filling procedure is required to be submitted to Registrar by the promoters

  • Share Capital to be introduced. Minimum Share Capital is Rs. 2
  • Main objects of the Company. In the form of MOA & AOA
  • Declaration From First Directors and First Subscribers
  • Nature of the Business, it should not be Illegal in India

Registered office proof(Any of the following)

The Registered document of the title of the premises of the registered office in the name of Company.

The notarized copy of lease/rent agreement in the name of the company along with a copy of rent paid receipt not older than one month:

The authorization from the land lord to use the premises by the company as its registered office or No Objection Certificate.(Mandatory in case of rented or leased)

  1. Utility bill (not older than 2 months).
Proof of Identity of Directors(Any one of the following) Proof of Residential Address of Directors(Any one of the following)
  1. Passport (Mandatory in case of persons not residing in India)
  2. Bank Account Statement up to last 3 months
  3. Election Card
  4. Aadhaar Card(Mandatory)



1.       Passport (Kindly make sure that the address page in passport bears the correct address)

2.       Bank Account Statement unto last 3 months.

3.       Election Card

4.       Rent Receipt

5.       Utillity Bill(Not older than 2 Month)